Here is the research on 'eye insurance' related keywords. Please note that I were using over 200 negatives keywords during the research so you may not find all the keywords. As my intention is to serve businesses & marketing professionals so all the 'useless' keywords were filtered out which are not of very 'commercial' kind.


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For example; review, forms, definition, fraud etc. You may can view all insurance related negative keywords


The eye insurance keywords are categorized in a way that you can create a website structure based on solid data, find valuable keywords, campaigns & adgroups structuring, blog writing ideas, landing page creation, and build a social marketing campaigns based on stats and figures.


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Please note that the suggested bids in this post are provided by Google and not fixed or constant forever. Google update the bids periodically so don't take it as final verdict, it may can change any time.


One more thing before we go to actual data. Keywords search volume, CPC and Competition is US only. No other countries were included. CPC currency is USD.


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searched keyword is usually the top level generic keyword like in this case is 'eye insurance' so I'll always tell you the second. Let's come to the point, below is the research on eye insurance keywords.


Eye Insurance Keywords


Keyword Monthly Searches Suggested bid
Eye Health Insurance
eye health insurance 70 3.91
health eye and dental insurance 20 4.48
Dental and Eye Insurance
dental and eye insurance 140 3.46
eye and dental insurance 170 4.4
dental eye insurance 20 3.39
dental and eye care insurance 20 7.6
eye dental insurance 30 2.34
Eye Care Insurance
eye care insurance 720 6.07
tricare eye insurance 70 0.47
eye care insurance plans 40 5.53
eye care insurance companies 30 7.63
insurance for eye care 20 3.28
Eye Insurance Plans
eye insurance plans 170 5.7
Eye Exam Insurance
cheap eye exams no insurance 320 5.51
eye exam no insurance 170 6.34
no insurance eye exam 90 4.12
eye exam cost no insurance 30 4.08
Laser Eye Surgery Insurance
laser eye surgery insurance 40 19.69
is laser eye surgery covered by insurance 40
laser eye surgery covered by insurance 30
laser eye surgery cost insurance 90 22.01
Lasik Eye Surgery Insurance
lasik eye surgery insurance 110 27.86
lasik eye surgery insurance coverage 50 9.09
Eye Glass Insurance
eye glass insurance 40 4.62
eye glasses insurance 30 4.2
Eye Exam Without Insurance
eye exam cost without insurance 210 5.68
cost of eye exam without insurance 140 6.68
cost of an eye exam without insurance 30 7.76
average cost of eye exam without insurance 30 1.08
eye exam costs without insurance 20 3.61
eye exam without insurance 320 6.02
cheapest eye exam without insurance 260 4.73
eye exams without insurance 90 3.8
where can i get an eye exam without insurance 20 4.46
Individual Eye Insurance
individual eye insurance plans 30 9.47
individual eye insurance 90 5.28
eye insurance for individuals 20 8.08
eye care insurance for individuals 70 7.47
Eye Insurance
eye insurance 4400 5.96
insurance eye 10 9.82
Eye Vision  Insurance
eye vision insurance 260 5.24
vision eye insurance 70 2.72
Misc. Keywords
eye vision insurance 260 5.24
cheap eye insurance 90 4.61
eye insurance companies 210 5.71
best eye insurance 140 4.87
affordable eye insurance 40 5.28
eye insurance quotes 20 4.41
vision eye insurance 70 2.72
eye insurance for students 30 7.65
eye doctor insurance 70 4.63
eye insurance providers 50 4.12
federal eye insurance 40 3.46
eye surgery insurance 30 12.37
fashion focus eye insurance 30 5.45
eye medical insurance 20 6.44
eye exam insurance 50 7.75


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