AdWords generates over 80% of Google’s revenue and its advertising model is based on keywords, if you have keywords in your AdWords account your ads will run on search network otherwise it’s a big No. So we can say that AdWords keywords are very important and play a vital role in success or failure of any given business.


There are billions of keywords Google has in its database and it makes money from all of them but still some keywords are very expensive that Google would want you to bid on them.


A lot of studies have been published about most expensive keywords but some are outdated now and some are based on actual cost per click which is linked to specific location and may not cost the same CPC again if clicked from another location. To understand this better, you have to read my blog about Most Expensive Insurance Keywords.


Let’s come to the point, check out our most expensive keywords Infographic.


Most Expensive Keywords


Top 20 Expensive Keywords


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Interesting Facts and Stats


  • 65% of expensive keywords belongs to Mesothelioma niche
  • 30% of keywords belongs to accident niche
  • 1 out of 20 keywords comes from “structured settlement”
  • 90% of most expensive keywords are “Attorney/Lawyer” related
  • 50% of keywords are “location” specific


Most Expensive Keywords in Text Format


Keywords Suggested bid
Chicago mesothelioma lawyer $1,135.13
West Virginia mesothelioma lawyer $929.91
mesothelioma legal advice $855.52
mesothelioma attorney Chicago $787.61
lawsuit mesothelioma $776.10
structured settlement buyout $701.21
Houston mesothelioma lawyer $685.46
mesothelioma lawyer directory $645.99
lawyer for mesothelioma $588.35
Florida mesothelioma lawyer $541.39
mesothelioma pleural effusion $534.55
car accident lawyer in Miami $530.42
Georgia auto accident lawyers $470.05
mesothelioma lawyer and attorney $459.90
Chicago car accident attorney $441.72
Denver car accident lawyer $429.29
truck accident attorney Texas $458.96
motorcycle accident attorneys $420.54
mesothelioma lawsuit $385.94
top mesothelioma lawyers $357.07


What do you think, isn’t it insane?


Are you aware of any expensive keywords that should be in this list? Let us know in comments.

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